Here’s your Guide for a Fruitful Life


The Appreciative Inquiry
Pocket Guide 

Here is your Guide for a Good Life. Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a world famous, strenght based, life giving practice. Originally seen and applied as a method for organizational change and development, AI has so much more to offer. 

AI embodies diversity and inclusion in action. AI helps you to prepare and experience highly constructive conversations: the soil for flourishing relationships. Practicing AI will nourish and grow your positive core, sharpens your self-awareness as well as your sensitivity for new possibilities. 

With this pocket guide, written by life-time practitioner Cees Hoogendijk, you can fuel yourself with daily practices. Keep on practicing and AI will gradually make you feel more free and independent. 

Pick your selection out of more than hundred small stories, examples and exercises. When you smile at the world, the world smiles back. The same happens with the art of appreciation.


How To Win Friends
By Appreciating People
Appreciative Inquiry = Diversity + Inclusion in action


Dear reader, this pocket guide brings you the craft of Appreciative Inquiry through carefully collected and arranged narratives, enabling you to learn from experience more than theory, do-it-yourself, and bring you up to speed as soon as you start reading. Enjoy the journey.


Actually, if you ask me what makes AI so valuable, my answer has narrowed down to a nice little formula: “AI = D+I i.a.” 


Since we are all unique, together we form a rich Diversity. What we need is to bring our best Inclusive behavior into action. Only then will we all benefit from our combined different qualities. 

Appreciative Inquiry is that skill. 

Do you like to make more friends?


With appreciation, Cees Hoogendijk


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