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Change The Future
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Change the Future
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“Countless times on back covers I’ve read: “Every manager should read this book.”This book is one of only a few where I believe this to be true.  If you’re looking to proactively and intentionally create your organization’s future, instead of only passively preparing for whatever future may arrive, this book can be your guide.”

Jeffrey Hicks

“The honest and transparent content of this book will leave the readers with a refreshing and warming feeling towards every-person and -thing around them. At least, this is the “smiling” feeling I always experience when practicing appreciative inquiry and that makes me ponder how much different the world would be if all people could embrace this lifestyle.”

Lara Carminati

“So much to appreciate in this work; the head spins with ideas. The work thus performs that which it attempts to describe. Deep appreciation for your efforts, Cees, stimulating as ever…”

Ken Gergen

Genarrative is a magnetic memoir of an independent Dutch organization development (OD) consultant who, next to his already dynamic and purpose driven life, spent five years of PhD research into the concept of Organizational Generativity, aiming to contribute to an organization’s capability to create better futures for all its stakeholders. As a reader – manager, community leader, process consultant, OD scholar or PhD candidate – you are initiated into the unruly art of academic inquiry, and slightly become yourself a co-creator of the research being executed. Through personal cases, bits of peer-reviewed work, and new (un)frameworks, this book makes you understand and enhance the life of organizations and other communities in unexpected new ways. In a dialogical and immersive learning journey full of sudden surprises – as emergence requests – you are guided across a richness of sources, wisdom, reflections and practices urging you to learn and share the art of genarrativity yourself. Cees Hoogendijk not only promotes organizational and societal flourishing; he shows you the way.

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Dear visitor, thank you for reaching out and showing interest. Actually, my research journey into the generative qualities of organizations and communities took much longer than five years and covers a life span of personal and professional experiences of which I share the highlights in Genarrative. You will be inspired by my three frameworks – as practical as they can be – connecting generativity to language, processes and social entities. Moreover, you will enjoy engaging in the ongoing process of future forming inquiry yourself, for which Genarrative provides tools and guiding. In essence, generativity is the quality to give life and to create healthy futures. It is my sincere hope that my book generates like-minded, actionable ‘genarrators’.

Warm wishes, Cees Hoogendijk

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